th78TG0ZS8During the manic phase a lot of things happen. I noticed with me that I have trouble sleeping, sitting still, I talk too much and seems that I am always saying the wrong things. I don’t do that on purpose it just comes out. I have on several occasions that I have “no filter.” I can’t change that either. Sometimes wreckless behavior goes on as well as fast driving and substance abuse, cheating, spending sprees and sometimes erratic behavior.I am guilty on all accounts. Three or of these symptoms nearly everyday for a week with feelings of intense excitement could signal a manic episode.

Bipolar 1 vs Bipolar II

People with Bipolar 1 disorder have manic phases for at least a week. Depression phases go hand in hand with either type of Bipolar disorder. People with Bipolar II have bouts of major depression but instead of full manic episodes, they have low-grade hypomanic swings that are less intense and may last less than a week. They may seem fine but friends and family members can notice mood changes.

Mixed Episodes

Having Bipolar disorder with depression and mania symptoms at the same time or close together is called a manic or depressive episode with mixed features. This also can lead to unpredictable behavior. Taking dangerous risks when feeling hopeless and suicidal, energized and agitated. These mood episodes involving mixed features may be somewhat more common in women and people who develop Bipolar disorder at a young age.

What are the causes?

Doctor’s don’t know exactly what causes Bipolar disorder. There are theories that the disorder may result from a combination of genetic and other biological as well as environmental factors. Scientists believe that brain circuits involved in the regulation of mood, energy, thinking, and biological rhythms may function abnormally in people with Bipolar disorder resulting in the mood and other changes associated with the illness.

When I first heard the word Bipolar, I had no idea it was the same as Manic depression. I thought that meant I was crazy because I had a relative of mine who did act crazy and it was scary to watch. I have so much to learn about how to live with Bipolar 1….One day at a time.

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