I have dated very little since my divorce a few years ago. What a shit storm that turns out to be. I think I am ready to date and find a few prospects on a dating site over a period of about 2 years. I read the intro and all the “good” things about the guy but when it comes to meeting everything changes. I have been completely honest on my profile. It’s ok that things don’t work out. My problem remains with their profile. They make it seem that they have their shit together but the case is that all of them have unresolved issues as do I or they still live with mommy. I’m talking about grown ass men in their 50’s. I totally understand it they are taking care of their mother but that’s not the case. So many excuses as to why I could not go to their home. Strange. Why are they on a dating site when there is little honesty. I would be more than happy to help in any way. I understand. I lost my mom five years ago to Alzheimer’s. I am a compassionate person and care for my man, I will most defiantly care for their parent. I’ve had dates that I thought went well only to find out that person decided four months later he wants to see me again. No date just to “watch” tv. Guess what. Fuck him. I know what he wants and he’s not gonna get it from me. I respect myself and refuse to lower my standards just because this guy has a good job, nice house, pleasant. Bottom line he wanted sex and I participated. I felt like shit afterwords and I felt used. So anyone out there that is participating in the dating pool please be careful. You have self-esteem and you don’t need to lower yourself to just having sex. That’s what he wants and you will be left feeling used. Not all cases but be cautious. Please. I have tried a few different sites and their all pretty much the same. Sometimes I am honest enough to tell them I have Bipolar Disorder because I figure if it goes anywhere they will find out in the end and usually that is the end. It scares them I think out of ignorance. I put myself out there only to get rejected over and over. Nothing wrong with fat and bald but that is what I am dealing with also. I get that they want pretty, shapely women but If they took a look in the mirror I think they would lower their standards a bit. I went on one date over a year ago. The lunch date went well until we sat in my car to talk and he proceeds to reach in my blouse for a handful. The he showed me his penis. I had enough. This man has been calling and texting me for over a year now. He is an entitled prick with pretty high credentials where he works and is also a Professor among other things. I trusted this man because of his degrees in Psychology and he is a Professor at a University in Illinois. He also sent me an unsolicited photo of his penis. This guy is sick. I get taken advantage of because of my illness. I don’t always stand up for myself and hate confrontation. I have not been on a date since August and I’m ok with that. I call this time in my life “grace.” If you do date from a dating site it is best to meet in a public place. You don’t want them knowing where you live until you are sure of your safety. I get phone calls periodically from past dates who saved my number. When they try to get a hold of me I know it’s because they can’t find someone better. And I say fuck that. I’d rather be single and have dignity than lower myself to a tramp status.