Is this a crime? Absolutely for my mental well being. I over analyze everything. I am astonished at the effort I put in trying to figure things out. I am so headstrong at finding solutions to problems that are obstinate to the task at hand. I’m supposing that my methods are obsolete and I need to let some things just be.

I have an analytical brain and have tremendous curiosity of how things interact especially with people. My thoughts come to the forefront of my mind when trying to understand the perplexity of thought in general. I have always wondered how some people seem to skate through the worst times and how I can attain that ability to let things slide. To let things be just what it is meant to be.

I’m what I consider myself to be an “anal” type of person. I want answers and I want reason. Where does Bipolar fit in? It’s in every aspect of my life. I can’t pick and choose what portion of my life it will affect. I feel like I am on guard at all times. Not that people do things to me on purpose, they just don’t know how everyday “normal” things affect me and I wind up feeling inadequate and less than. That’s my feat.