That’s a sad sad truth. There is no cure for Bipolar only treatment of the symptoms caused by the disease. It’s a sad story for many who suffer unknowingly like myself. I had no clue that I had such a serious mental illness until I wound up in the hospital in some other state. Many people don’t realize what they are dealing with. Some think it’s just poor or bad behavioral and want to blame the parents. It’s genetic and not at all their fault. Mental illness takes on many forms and is passed from generation to generation. The journey has no end. There is no cure for mental illness, only treatment. In my opinion, there are so many crazy (untreated mental illness) people out there committing crimes and killing people . I feel if they had been diagnosed and treated many lives that were taken could have been prevented. I have never committed a violent crime so I don’t know what goes on in one’s head that commits such a heinous act. I don’t know how someone else gets treatment but I am thankful that I was a lucky one to get help. At times I still feel rage among other feelings, but have never hurt or wanted to hurt anyone.

This next excerpt came from an article I read online: I walk, I fall, I stumble, I crawl. I’m tormented by over thinking everything until my brain bleeds. Sometimes I can’t silence the chatter in my head; the noise that renders me breathless because I can’t keep up. I speak far to quickly in fragmented sentences that make perfect sense to me; word salad is rather exhausting. I want everyone to keep up the pace. When the storm comes, beware; irritability leads to angry outbursts and words that have the power to cut anyone to the bone. Things get shattered in bedlam. I’ve lost years of my life because I fell so far down the rabbit hole; my reality faded away. The mood swings I have experienced over the years have come at a huge price. Sometimes I wish I had a disconnect switch.

I can relate to every word the author wrote. I feel like I am never getting off that roller coaster. Maybe for brief spells I feel relieved and almost well then something happens again and down the hole I go.