Bipolar disorder is difficult to understand let alone explain.

The measure of symptoms that can attribute to the disorder vary in degree and intensity. They cover a wide range than most other mental health issues. Bipolar encapsulates all of the symptyms of depressive disorders and expands by included mania and a certain aspects of attention-deficit/hyperactiviatly disorder. (ADHD)

One difficult symptom that is taxing on the bipolar sufferer and the professional is blackouts. In spite of the fact that blackouts are not specifically listed in the criteria for bipolar disorder many people report having had experiences in losing segments of time.

A black out is a period of time where a person is conscious but unable to recall any of the events, situations or experiences afterward. A blackout is not passing out such as passing out to the state of unconscliousness. During periods of blackouts people participate in wild and thoughtless behaviours that they would not typically otherwise engage in.

So having said that, I can totally relate to the behaviour that would be concidered a black out. I went to bed last night and woke up with bangs. I cut my fucking and made bangs. I hate bangs. At one point I use to have dark brown hair. That’s been a few years ago. I’d wake up with black hair and quite a bit shorter than when I went to sleep. I do all sorts of strange things without the memory of having done something so stupid. I have painted walls in my house without any recolection. It’s a very scary thing to go through. My hair hair will grow back but the memories never will come back. This has happened numerous times and I don’t remember a thing. I saw the hair in the sink this morning and wondered what the heck happened. It very frightening for me because I live alone. There is no one to help me or to monitor my behaviour. I really don’t want a babysitter and think I can do this on my own but I have second guess myself.

I have talked and texted people with no recolection of the contact or subject matter. I do believe that as I get older it is getting worse. I am on medication and see my doctor on a regular basis but the disease is progressive. I don’t care if any wants to disagree with me on that but I live it every day and I know how I feel.

Impusivity- Bipolar disorder share similar symptoms to ADHD. ADHD and bipolar are often both diagnosed in one person. Extreme periods of impulsivity can end in a blackout period. During periods of impulsivity, someone will engage in behaviours without considering the possinle reprocussions of their actions. In the best case scenario, someone will eat too much fattening food or get their nose pierced. In the worst case, someone will commit crimes, complete violent acts or put themselves at risk