In the jungle of the mind, sleeping tiger’s deep inside.

Addictions at rest, no longer hide.

Careful what your head is saying,

Your heart knows best, keep on praying.

Sleeping tiger, deep inside

Keeping quiet, full of pride.

Rearing it’s ugly head at me

Keeps me alert; I’m scared you see.

Reaching out in painful times

Can’t be done with tiger eyes

Watching every move I make

My head starts plotting, it’s too late.

I’ve done the hurtful thing, I know

But tiger won and stole the show.

I’m exhausted now and in much pain

Sleeping tiger’s awake again.

Help me please to quiet it down.

Reaching out, gaining ground.

A slip I say, I’m not a quitter

Batter up! Another hitter.

I’ll win the game, at least for now,

Tiger sitting looking on.

Go to sleep, and sleep forever.

I can’t go through one more endeavor.

When I wrote this subject is mainly on Bulimia. It’s basically for any addiction you may be struggling with.