Having Bipolar disorder I used to think I didnt’ have to take responsibility for certain actions that I take. I have since learned that I am the only one responsible for my actions no matter what the case. It was hard for me to admit when I was wrong and wound up have several people upset with me. I never realized that I caused some of the problems. I know better today. Everybody has to take responsibility for their own actions and I learned the hard way that I have to take care of myself.

Bipolar disorder can massively contribute to many negative actions. A person with bipolar might be excessively angry, sexually promiscuous, paranoid, withdrawn, forgetful or a myriad of other things distinctly caused by their bipolar disorder. And any one of these things can become a problem with others or with life in general.

But the truth is, whether your actions were bipolar motivated or not, it’s important that you take responsibility for them and not just say, “Oh, it’s not my fault. I have bipolar.”I think too often we skirt around the issue of consequences and I personally find it difficult to determine if someone is truly at fault for their actions when they are suffering from a mental health crisis.

Patricia M Nees